1229 Albany Avenue   Hartford, CT  06112 

Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative      
1229 Albany Avenue  Hartford, CT  06112
(860) 724-6703

Patricia Williams
Programs Director 
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About UANC and its Origins...    
Dorothy (Dot) Biggs
Office Manager, 
Program Coordinator
Vita Site Coordinator (UANC)
Meet the volunteer staff that manage the office
Daily Monday thru Thursday.    
   Our Office hours are:

   Monday  thru Thursday  1:00pm to 5:00pm
   Friday thru Sunday office is CLOSED. 

 Note:  As we are after Tax Season, 
Taxes are prepared by appointment only. 
We are a Neighborhood Collaborative that was founded in 1990 through a Ford Foundation grant. Hartford, Connecticut was one of four cities selected for the “Neighborhood and Family Initiative Program” study. It was through this study Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative (UANC) came into being. 

The study concluded in 2000 and funding ended in 2002; however as UANC was deeply rooted in the community, it made the successful transition to where it is now,
Managed by a talented group of volunteer staff 
and governed by a dedicated board of directors.             
Our Board of Directors:

Andre Wade - Chairman
Patricia Williams - Vice Chair 
Dorothy Biggs - Treasurer                            
Minaren Bozeman - Secretary 
Irma Davis - Board Member 
Aldwin Allen - Board Member 

Naomi McKoy - Year-round tax assistance

Mary Young - Technology Coordinator,                                   Computer Literacy Trainer
                       Program Coordinator 

Should you wish contact us regarding our organization, programs, services et al, 
please speak to our 
Volunteer Staff (above) or our Board Members.