1229 Albany Avenue   Hartford, CT  06112 

Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative      
1229 Albany Avenue  Hartford, CT  06112
(860) 724-6703

Who are we?

We are a Neighborhood Collaborative that was founded in 1990 through a Ford Foundation grant. Hartford, Connecticut was one of four cities selected for the “Neighborhood and Family Initiative Program” study. It was through this study Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative (UANC) came into being. 

The study concluded in 2000 and funding ended in 2002; however as UANC was deeply rooted in the community, and made a successful transition to being managed by a talented group of volunteer staff and governed by a dedicated board of directors. 

For a decade the events, programs and services offered by the collaborative have been as a direct result of the voice of the residents of the Upper Albany community. Using block leaders assigned to designated areas, these individuals work with UANC using the voice of the residents to ensure that the mission of the collaborative remains in sync with its actions. 

UANC has enhanced it's programs and services by working with other organizations on youth violence prevention programs. Our sponsorship in part, of these new programs along with our landmark notable events is what keeps UANC community focused. 

Volunteer Income Tax preparation
Our Mission

The Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative is dedicated to the empowerment of the residents of Upper Albany through the establishment of block clubs, job initiatives, educational programs, youth council and initiatives and economic development.

Our Vision
Through these programs, the Collaborative will strive to make the Upper Albany community a better place to live, work, shop and enjoy recreational activities.

Call Us at: (860) 724-6703

Email: upperalbany@sbcglobal.net

Visit us on the Web: www.uanchartford.org

For Additional Information contact: 
Dorothy Biggs or Patricia Williams.

Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative is a 501(c)3 organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax-deductible. 

Should you wish to contribute,
please mail to: 
 P.O. Box 320547
Hartford, CT 06132-0547

What do we do?

Volunteer Income Tax preparation -VITA
In 2018 we prepared over 1100+ Income tax returns for tax year ending 2017. We will continue helping individuals who need prior years completed, had extensions filed or are filing late. We are in full swing for the current Tax Season. 

Back to School Backpacks
In September 2017 we distributed backpacks for the 2017-18 school year (complete with pens, pencils, notebooks and other school essentials). And School Packs with essentials for those who already had backpacks.  

Annual Distribution - Thanksgiving Turkey
 and Fixings
For Thanksgiving 2017, we distributed 400+ turkeys and fixings for pre-registered and approved program participants.  

Community Awareness Meetings 
Bringing the community together to discuss, explain and or explore issues involving the Upper Albany Community.

Annual Distribution – Christmas Gift 
In 2017, we distributed  75+ Christmas gift bags to approved families with children. 

Community Assistance
• Light to medium typing needs
Identifying employment opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
Our computer lab is open to the public to check email and other word processing needs. 

​Computer Literacy Classes
Classes with a focus on Senior Citizen learners  and those who are afraid of using laptop and desktop resources. 

National Night Out – USA
Sponsor of National Night Out in Upper Albany. Visit the NNO website to learn more about National Night Out throughout the US. http://www.natw.org/nno/